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Margot Schiemann (2023) ‘Riverbanks of Grief’

In ‘Riverbanks of Grief’ words and images speak to suffering, loss, turmoil, and the capacity to recover and hope. Selfpublished art book available from

Schiemann, Margot, (2021) ‘Are we all in the same boat?’ IN Martin Weegmann (2021): Six psychotherapists, six reflections, on the pandemic, Psychodynamic Practice.

‘Let’s Think about Groups’

Introduction to Foulkesian Theory and Assessment Criteria for Group Work.

... Teaching DVD. A lecture given in January 2008, Cambridge at a Symposium on Psychodynamic Therapy in Hertfordshire and Essex, Cambridge. The first part is a summary of Foulkesian group analytic psychotherapy and later, I consider assessment criteria for group work.

The Child Inside’ was part of a T.V series on Psychotherapy, broadcast by Channel 4 in November 1986. It showed my work with a client, which was part of a multidisciplinary team approach at a therapeutic community – Pine Street Day Centre in Islington, London. The T.V. programme is a reflection on the five-year process of individual and group therapy in the setting of a therapeutic community. The emphasis is on the clients’ paintings, in which the development of his psychotherapy is depicted.

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