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Supervision and training


Individual and group supervision, or reflective practice groups are helpful to psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and medical practitioners and others in the allied professions. I am a BAPPS accredited supervisor. It is essential for mental health professionals, doctors, social and hospital workers, nurses, occupational and art therapists, as well as residential staff. Supervision, consultations or training can be equally useful to any other staff in non-therapeutic organizational settings, and to coaches.


Supervision can be offered individually, in small groups or at the place of work. Some circumstances require telephone, Skype, or Zoom supervision.


I teach psychotherapists and counselling trainees. This has included teaching at the Institute of Group Analysis, the Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy, the Westminster Pastoral Foundation and the Minster Centre. Sometimes specific training is required for graduates or for professionals in therapeutic as well as non-therapeutic settings.

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