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Psychotherapy and counselling

People enter psychotherapy for various reasons. A relationship crisis, bereavement or illness, may leave a person anxious and depressed. Some may be experiencing career-related problems, or redundancy, or, in the case of artists, creative blocks. Couples may encounter difficulties in their relationships. Women’s conflicts - and men’s as well - may be expressed through eating disorders or issues of body-image.

Various transitions in life, such as marriage, having a child, mid-life are often unsettling. Children leaving home and retirement are times when a new orientation and outlook on life are required. Often people come to therapy without any overt signs of stress. Many aspects of their lives may be satisfying and successful - people may, nevertheless, feel unfulfilled.

Psychotherapy or Counselling may be helpful with:

  1. Problems in relationships or unresolved childhood issues

  2. Major life changes or emotional crises and difficulties in coping

  3. Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem or feeling overwhelmed with life

  4. Work-related stress, bullying, burnout, redundancy

  5. Sexual problems

  6. Addictions and eating disorders

  7. Anxiety, stress, depression and hopelessness or other uncomfortable feelings

  8. Loss, bereavement, divorce or separation

  9. Ageing

  10. Emotional impact of the menopause

  11. Abuse or trauma

  12. Difficulty in dealing with feelings of guilt, shame, frustration and anger

  13. Conflicts around cultural identity

  14. The need to change unfulfilling aspects of life

  15. A sense of meaninglessness in life

  16. Blocked creativity

  17. A need for personal development

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Adam Phillips in 'Missing Out"

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